We are a mentoring programme utilises building as the vehicle to bring great mentors and rangatahi together using tools of praise and encouragement to gain confidence and self-esteem.

We partner with schools who put forward eligible students, based on our kaupapa, who are chosen as it is considered that they will gain the most from the programme.

Mentors are selected from our community and we partner a 2:1 programme mentor/rangatahi ratio. However, recent successes with gaining support from our retired citizens (elders) often provide mentorship at a 1:1 ratio.  

We partner with community organisations so that our rangatahi have access to community projects and wider initiatives. Of special mention is Sean Zieltjes of the Taranaki Mounga Project who has provided outstanding opportunities for rangatahi we support. Read further for this fantastic story "Ecological Restoration".

Pest Traps

For example, we work with the Taranaki Mounga project supported by the Department of Conservation in building predator eradication traps.

Our rangatahi are involved in the beginning phase (building traps) though to placing and setting their traps while learning valuable lessons on the important part they are playing in bringing back native bird life to our mountain and environs. Our rangatahi have recently been invited to be involved in the release of kiwi back to its natural habitat. We will be building on these fantastic opportunities in conjunction with partner schools to provide pathways to ranger courses so as to meet the future employee demands of the ecological restoration industry. 

Red Cross Buddy Benches

New Horizons have been very lucky to have developed a partnership with Taranaki Red Cross building buddy benches donated to primary schools. Rangatahi build the benches and are then involved in the presentation of benches to recipient schools providing leadership opportunities and a sense of pride for helping others. 

The concept for these benches is to provide children who feel lonely or have trouble interacting at school with a place to sit. The whole school is educated on including anyone sitting on a bench to include them in whatever actively they are doing.